How to Care for Leather Furniture

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When purchasing a piece of leather furniture, it’s important to discuss the warranty with the salesperson. Although every effort is made by furniture makers to produce quality furniture that will last for many years, problems can occur. Knowing what is covered under warranty and what isn’t will be helpful if any future problems arise. Pay special attention to items such as sofas, where the frame’s warranty period will probably be different than the rest of the sofa.

The warranty will also have specific care instructions for your piece of furniture. Not caring for your furniture in the way specified by the warranty will void the warranty. Take some time to read the care instructions carefully, making a note of anything that needs to be done on a regular basis in order to keep your furniture in good repair. If you have any questions, or something isn’t clear, speak to your salesperson or the store from which you purchased your furniture.

Leather furniture is so resilient that many people forget to properly care for it, which can cause serious problems with the leather itself. Leather needs to be kept out of direct sunlight and away from heating vents. Direct sunlight and the heat will break down the natural oils in the leather, making it more likely to crack.

Leather also needs to be cleaned and conditioned on a regular basis in order to remain supple. Follow your furniture manufacturer’s recommended cleaning and conditioning schedule. Making a note on your calendar can be helpful if you’re concerned you may forget.

When purchasing leather furniture, it’s also important to use the type of products recommended by your furniture manufacturer. Many store-bought leather cleaning and conditioning products are made with ingredients, such as heavy oils or brittle sealants, which may actually harm the leather that your furniture is made from. Heavy oils can accumulate on fine leather fibers and begin to break them down. Brittle sealants can keep the leather from expanding and contracting due to use, or heat and cold, causing cracks to form more easily. Most furniture stores sell a kit of leather cleaning and conditioning products that can be purchased at the time you buy your furniture. If you choose not to purchase the kit, ask for information on the types of care products you should purchase, and anything that you need to avoid.

Even after many years of owning your leather furniture, if you do run into any problems with it, contact the store. The store from which you purchased your furniture is the best source for advice and recommendations for repair if your furniture becomes damaged.

Be sure to discuss cleaning and care of your new leather furniture with your family members, especially children. Children should be reminded not to play on the furniture with anything that might damage the leather, such as sharp toys or shoes that might have heels with pointed edges. Adults should be reminded that they need to remove keys, pens, phones, and so forth from their pockets to avoid damaging the leather.

Taking some time to properly care for your leather furniture will allow you and your family to enjoy it for many years to come.

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